Rod to Cable Clamps

Rod to Cable Clamps

Rod to Cable Clamps (GUV Type) are meant to affix numerous sizes of cable to earth electrodes/rebars etc. they need high corrosion resistance and square measure automatically sturdy to confirm an enduring association. Ground rods, additionally called grounding electrodes, square measure accustomed to connecting the grounding system of electrical systems to earth ground. Ground rods will be created with many various materials, however, copper is the most typical material used for residential installations.

What are the purposes of cable clamps?

Cable clamps are mechanical or cable routing clips that aid in specifying the routing of cable and wire installations.You may find these cable fasteners in practically every electrical installation since they are made to keep cables supported and retained while limiting mobility.

Features of Rod to Cable Clamps:

  • Material: High Tensile Copper Alloy (body), 99.9% HD Copper (‘U’ bolt)
  • Standard: BS:EN 62561-1, Class H
  • Tightening Torque: 12Nm

More Information:For putting in lightning attachment system applications, we have a tendency to advocate the utilization of Copper earth conductor systems thanks to their inherent low ohmic resistance and corrosion resistance.

Materials used in earthing systems must be able to:

  • Withstand mechanical damage,
  • Resist corrosion
  • Provide a low impedance path to earth
  • Carry the maximum fault condition for the application/installation.

For protective earth networks and lightning protection applications our range encompasses:
Copper earth rod, fastening pole, copper guaranteed ground rod, earth ground rod, earth rod connexion, earth rod cowl, earth fitting, fastening studs, ground clamps for a ground rod, ground pole, and grounding post.

Our castings are high quality/high copper content complying with BS 7430 and BS 62561-1. Additional to our range are UL-listed copper bond earth rods and exothermic welding.

Sample Time: Available in 5-10 days for different items.

Drawing Format: CAD / PDF / DWG / IGS / STEP.

Packaging: Standard package, Carton box or Pallet, As per customized specifications

Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, UPS and By Sea or as per client’s requirements.

We can manufacture and export Brass Sheet Metal Clamps as per specifications (custom drawing and samples) for more information, please

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